This Won’t Be Forever

This Won’t Be Forever is a short, silent comic split into three sections – Autumn, Winter and Spring, and the changing of those seasons as we navigate the changing landscape around us.

Each short comic is accompanied by a piece of Japanese poetry and some Japanese-matchbox inspired designs.

I created This Won’t Be Forever along with a winter care box, specially designed to bring light and hope to people who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Each winter care box includes the comic, a locally sourced tealight candle, a handmade A6 sketchbook and a pencil.

You can buy the winter care package here

Alternatively, you can buy the comic only here

This Won’t Be Forever is a meditative experience created in the hope to see you through the seasons and into lighter, warmer times.


Cartoonist Rozi Hathaway keeps putting out tremendous work that arrives in my mailbox exactly when I need it.

Her book ROCKS arrived shortly after a friend of mine took his life and reading it helped me to process some of that grief.

Then came ETA CARINAE, which Hathaway originally started as a weekly comic during the early stages of the pandemic. I had become anxiety-ridden and disconnected. Eta Carinae helped me reconnect a little.

Now there’s THIS WON’T BE FOREVER. I’m in a transitional part of my life right now in terms of career and purpose. This book, silent and beautiful, reminded me, exactly as I was becoming overwhelmed, that there is both beauty in each moment and that life is a series of transformations.

So thank you, Rozi Hathaway, for your art.

Daniel Elkin, Editor in Chief of SOLRAD / President of Fieldmouse Press

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