Eta Carinae

What started as a reaction to the UK-wide coronavirus lockdown of March 2020, evolved to more than I initially intended.

My weekly silent comics ran from April to June 2020 and totalled 10 pages of comics, shared online via my Instagram and website. In early 2021, once we at Good Comics had released our newest set of books, I set about adding the final tweaks to turn these weekly comics into what they are now: Eta Carinae.

Eta Carinae is the collected and expanded weekly comics in its own standalone story. It’s 26 pages long, printed in the UK and available to buy from my store directly, or distributed through the Good Comics online shop.

The quietness of this comic and its gentle rhythm remind us that the soft moments that make up our lives can be, upon reflection, an opportunity to connect to the essential silence and patterns of the cosmos. Rozi Hathaway has again opened my heart to the eternal.

Daniel Elkin, Editor-in-Chief SOLRAD

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