Whales project


Since 2020 I’ve been working on a longer-form comic/graphic novel project about whales.

Why whales? Good question.

My interest stems from my awe of such huge animals living such an unknown existence to us, and how this feeling of awe amongst humans transcends through time. For many ancient cultures and indigenous populations, whales are revered and honoured. Sometimes feared, whales emit a fascination in people the world over. Including me.

By looking at the history of human’s connection to whales – cultural, spiritual and contemporary – I’m finding out information from all over the world which links us all together.

I’m looking to bring all this information together into an easily accessible comic narrative, honouring the past and present of these magnificent animals, and our connection to them.


When I began this project in 2020 I had no idea how long it would take me, or what it would end up looking like. And, the longer I work on it, the more I realise this is something that has the possibility to be something hugely important. Bringing together people and cultures the world over, I want this book to be more than just a comic about whales.


If you have something whale-related you’d like to share, please email me at hello@rozihathaway.com