Down to Your Skivvies Zine

Down to Your Skivvies is a collaborative zine created by Kamala Roberts, Zara Franciszka Ward and myself. Looking at particular themes and the relationship of these topics with illustration, issue #1 focused on feminism and women in the arts, with issue #2 looking at writers and books. Including articles, illustrations, interviews and more, Down to Your Skivvies encompasses everything that is true to a DIY zine; printed in black and white on a Xerox printer, 20-24 pages, full of thoughts, opinions and original artwork.

Issue #1 available to buy online here

Issue #2 available to buy online here

Covers and editing: Rozi Hathaway
Content: Rozi Hathaway, Kamala Roberts & Zara Franciszka Ward

Covered by Broken Frontier’s ZINEWATCH!

Down to Your Skivvies! is a zine put together by Zara Franciszka Ward, Rozi Hathaway and Kamala Roberts with a stated intention to celebrate “being female, feminism and all things lady-like”. Regular readers of ‘Small Pressganged’ will know that Rozi Hathaway is one of six UK small press creators I have been following throughout this year at Broken Frontier that I have suggested are ones to watch in 2015. So it goes without saying that I was particularly drawn to her contributions in these pages.

Hathaway’s two-page comic herein deals with her formative relationship with feminism with a raw honesty and, as ever, her visuals ensure the reader’s empathy with a reflective and evocative quality (sneak peek above right). She also interviews acclaimed graphic novelist Hannah Berry (Adamtine) in Down to Your Skivvies #1 and there are further Q & A discussions with Typical Girls magazine editor Jamila Prowse by Roberts, artist Fiona McDonald by Ward, and a piece on comics creator Sarah McIntyre’s thoughts on the lack of diversity in the portrayal of women in the medium. Old school zine-style in presentation, Down to Your Skivvies! is an eclectic mix of material that, nevertheless, retains a consistent thematic approach and voice.

– Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier – Zinewatch – A Round-Up of DIY Culture from Alys Jones, Alexandra Cook, Rozi Hathaway, Brigid Deacon and More

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