Sermersuaq (2023) is a short comic printed in a long format, and it’s about the Greenland Ice Sheet – titled with its Greenlandic name

Similar to creating whale comics about scientific research, I wanted to condense a large amount of information and research into a short, succinct, accessible format. All to tell a love story (aww).

I also chose to use the Greenlandic language terms for both the ice sheet (Sermersuaq) and Greenland itself (Kalaallit Nunaat). You can learn more about the Greenlandic language here.

The physical comic is nearly 1.5 meters long, and is currently available as a limited run to buy online here – if you’re interested in owning an obscenely long comic folded down into an A4-sized concertina.

Read it digitally, free of charge here.

You can find out more about this by reading my blog post.

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