Cosmos & Other Stories

Cosmos & Other Stories (2017) was edited and published with micropublisher Good Comics. It contains a collection of short stories on the theme of loneliness, with unconnected characters finding ways to survive through being alone.

Selling out within 10 months, Cosmos & Other Stories was re-released in 2018 for a second, extended edition with an additional 6-page story and extra sketchbook pages.

Cosmos & Other Stories is now sold out, but you can read it here for free.

“Good art rents a room in your consciousness. Really good art plants roots in your subconscious. Cosmos & Other Stories is a piece of art does this – and also enables you to step out of your rush, rush, dopamine-fueled day and rest happy in a second of time.”

Tony Esmond, Down the Tubes – In Review: Cosmos & Other Stories

“..Cosmos is a wonderful collection of work that we genuinely wish had more in it because what is there is really rather wonderful.”

Alex Thomas, Pipedream Comics – Indie Comics Round-Up: Leamington Comic Con 2017 Special

“A collection of a handful of comics shorts, it’s Hathaway at her economical but profound best; a book that displays that remarkable ability she has to bring us so fully into the lives of her characters with a recognisable emotional resonance.”

Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier – Cosmos & Other Stories – Rozi Hathaway Explores Loneliness and Isolation in a Fragile and Beautiful Collection from Good Comics

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