Sneaky Business Vol.2


After the success of last year’s 12-page comics-zine Sneaky Business, it’s time for round 2! This time, things are a little different. Instead of hand-picking comic buddies to take part like I did last year, I’m opening up submissions to everyone and anyone! There are only a few, but important rules…

  1. Comics must somehow relate to the theme of ‘sneaky’ or ‘stealth’, or a combination of the two.
  2. Comics must be 1-2 pages long. Due to the nature of the zine I can’t accept anything longer.
  3. Yeah, all submissions must be comics. As abstract and wacky as you like, but it must have a narrative.

You can read all about the first Sneaky Business here


Can be colour or black and white, and must be emailed as a high-res A5 portrait 300dpi CMYK PDF file to by Monday 12th September 2016 with your full name (how you would like it to be printed in the comic) and your website/twitter/tumblr. *Please note* if your comic is full bleed, please allow 5mm extra on all sides to allow for printing/trimming.

The general theme for Sneaky Business, aside from the sneakyness, is to be a lighthearted old-school comics zine with a collection of diverse, funny creations. Because of this, no nasty or overtly adult-themed comics will be accepted. Sneaky Business is not and never will be a money making venture; the zine is priced as low as possible (Vol.1 sold at £2 for 12 pages), and if your submission is successful you will receive a free contributor copy post-release. As with Vol. 1, Vol. 2 of Sneaky Business will be sold in selected comic stores around the UK.

Sneaky Business vol.2 will be printed in a limited run of 100, with the hope to release at Bristol Comic & Zine Fair on 1st October 2016. If for some saddening reason my table request for BC&ZF is not accepted, I’ll release it online around the same date.


After receiving a question about artwork/story rights, I realised I should probably put something in here about that. To sum it up briefly; your work, your rights.

The rights to all artwork and stories submitted remains completely yours and yours alone, you’re simply submitting a digital version for me to print on your behalf and share your awesome work with the world. If you wish to republish your comic any way, shape or form, you can do so whenever you like. Writing a short story for Sneaky Business that you want to turn into something longer in future? Do it! And then send me the link so I can check it out and share it on the blog.

Sneaky Business is purely a platform to get together some awesome stories and expose each other and existing/new readers to fresh and entertaining work. All rights remain yours.

Any further questions please holla to my email, or get in touch via Twitter or Facebook.


11 days to go! Just to confirm, although Sneaky Business vol. 1 was 12 pages this does not mean vol. 2 will be too. I’m still wholly undecided on page count and will make the comic as best as possible regardless of how many pages it ends up being – so please keep the entries coming! All confirmed entrants will be emailed in the week post-deadline, and any unsuccessful comics will be emailed my regrets and subliminal pieces of cake.

Background artwork on the poster above from Samuel C. Williams comic in Sneaky Business Vol. 1!