The Red Road

The Red Road (2015) is the tale of a mentally and physically arduous journey, based on the Native American poem To Walk The Red Road. With themes of loss, companionship and bravery, The Red Road was highlighted in Broken Frontier‘s round-up of January 2015. It was first printed in January 2015, with a second expanded edition printed later that year.

“…Hathaway deserves fulsome praise for delivering something so brutal, so powerful, in such simple terms. This is good comics.”

Richard Bruton, Forbidden Planet – Full review here.

“Stunningly rendered, and painfully beautiful in its own way, The Red Road is an outstanding debut print offering. Keep your eyes on Rozi Hathaway’s work this year because she’s one of half a dozen or so names I have on my list of self-publishing talents I believe will make the next step up in 2015.”

Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier – Full review here.

The Red Road is now sold out, but you can read all about it over on the Blogs page.

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