Down to Your Skivvies Zine

Down to Your Skivvies is a collaborative zine created by Kamala Roberts, Zara Franciszka Ward and myself. Looking at particular themes and the relationship of these topics with illustration, issue #1 focused on feminism and women in the arts, with issue #2 looking at writers and books. Including articles, illustrations, interviews and more, Down to Your Skivvies encompasses everything that is true to a DIY zine; printed in black and white on a Xerox printer, 20-24 pages, full of thoughts, opinions and original artwork.

Issue #1 available to buy online here

Issue #2 available to buy online here

Covers and editing: Rozi Hathaway
Content: Rozi Hathaway, Kamala Roberts & Zara Franciszka Ward

Covered by Broken Frontier’s ZINEWATCH!

Down to Your Skivvies! is a zine put together by Zara Franciszka Ward, Rozi Hathaway and Kamala Roberts with a stated intention to celebrate “being female, feminism and all things lady-like”. Regular readers of ‘Small Pressganged’ will know that Rozi Hathaway is one of six UK small press creators I have been following throughout this year at Broken Frontier that I have suggested are ones to watch in 2015. So it goes without saying that I was particularly drawn to her contributions in these pages.

Hathaway’s two-page comic herein deals with her formative relationship with feminism with a raw honesty and, as ever, her visuals ensure the reader’s empathy with a reflective and evocative quality (sneak peek above right). She also interviews acclaimed graphic novelist Hannah Berry (Adamtine) in Down to Your Skivvies #1 and there are further Q & A discussions with Typical Girls magazine editor Jamila Prowse by Roberts, artist Fiona McDonald by Ward, and a piece on comics creator Sarah McIntyre’s thoughts on the lack of diversity in the portrayal of women in the medium. Old school zine-style in presentation, Down to Your Skivvies! is an eclectic mix of material that, nevertheless, retains a consistent thematic approach and voice.

– Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier – Zinewatch – A Round-Up of DIY Culture from Alys Jones, Alexandra Cook, Rozi Hathaway, Brigid Deacon and More

The Red Road

“Stunningly rendered, and painfully beautiful in its own way, The Red Road is an outstanding debut print offering. Keep your eyes on Rozi Hathaway’s work this year because she’s one of half a dozen or so names I have on my list of self-publishing talents I believe will make the next step up in 2015.”

-Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier – Full review here.

“…Hathaway deserves fulsome praise for delivering something so brutal, so powerful, in such simple terms. This is good comics.”

– Richard Bruton, Forbidden Planet – Full review here.

“Overall, The Red Road is a quietly powerful reading experience and a sure-footed debut from Hathaway. There’s more than enough here to get me really excited for whatever she brings out next as I think her ability to depict difficult emotions with a light touch will translate to a variety of projects.”

-Kirsty Hunter, Big Comic Page – Full review here.

The Red Road Second Edition NOW SOLD OUT!

Copies may still be available from Gosh! Comics, London and Orbital Comics.

The Red Road is a tale of a mentally and physically arduous journey, based on the Native American poem To Walk The Red Road. Encompassing themes of loss and violence, yet also companionship and bravery, The Red Road has also been highlighted in Broken Frontier‘s round-up of January 2015.

Read all about it over on the Blogs page!

HOAX: Psychosis Blues

There’s one creator I haven’t mentioned yet and that’s newcomer Rozi Hathaway who illustrates the last poem. ‘A Load Lifted’ acts as a coda to HOAX Psychosis Blues and makes touching use of one of its recurring motifs as Rob’s story closes in a moment of final release. It’s a pivotal segment and Hathaway imbues it with a majestic sense of grace and liberation; tragedy evolving into a kind of spiritual emancipation. It’s visual storytelling that is assured in poise and confident in technique – an artist to keep an eye out for I feel.

– Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier – Full article here.

HOAX: Psychosis Blues is a graphic memoir by Ravi Thornton, telling the story of her brother Rob’s decline into schizophrenia. In an incredibly moving tale, the story is told through chapters and poems, illustrated by ten different artists including Bryan Talbot, Karrie Fransman and Hannah Berry.

Available to order here

Proceeds from HOAX: Psychosis Blues go towards supporting mental health charities (for more information please visit Ziggy’s Wish)

Also available to buy at Page 45, Travelling Man and Gosh! Comics.

To read more about the project as a whole please visit

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